Dr Andrew Dawood

To begin with, Dr Andrew Dawood is a specialist in periodontics, prosthodontics. Moreover, he is a dental implant surgeon and an expert in zygomatic implants. Additionally, he is one of the owners at Dawood & Tanner, in London, which is one of the first ZAGA Centers in the UK. Specifically, dental implants have been Dr Dawood main interest for the past 25 years. For this reason, Dr Dawood teaches and lectures extensively in the UK and also abroad. In particular, Dr Andrew Dawood dedicates his time to research, development in implant dentistry, and 3D technologies. Likewise, he has contributed to the development of new technologies. Undoubtedly, Dr Dawood focuses always on making surgery less invasive and therefore safer. As a result, he uses his own implants designs, specially manufactured, for particularly challenging cases.

Furthermore, he has an honorary appointment at University College London Hospital. Meanwhile, he is often involved in advanced implant treatments of the jaw or facial reconstruction. Consequently, he particularly enjoys challenging cases. For this reason, he never refuses to help a patient in need of restoration with dental implants.

Lastly, Dr Dawood interest in technology is not confined to dentistry. Hence, in 2008 he founded digits2widgets.com. In specific, a 3D printing design studio that helps to make other people’s ideas and designs a physical reality.

Dr Andrew Dawood’s Achievements

To begin with, Dr Andrew Dawood graduated from The Royal London Hospital in 1984. Later, in 2000 he obtained also a Master’s Degree in Conservative Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital.


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