“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

Dr Andrew Dawood is a specialist in periodontics and prosthodontics. Moreover, he is a dental implant surgeon and an expert in zygomatic implants. He is also one of the owners of Dawood & Tanner clinic in London, which is one of the first ZAGA Centers in the UK. 

It should be emphasized, that dental implants have been Dr Dawood’s main interest for the past 25 years. For this reason, Dr Dawood decided to pass on his passion for dentistry by teaching and lecturing extensively in the UK and also abroad.

Furthermore, Dr Dawood dedicates his time to research and development in implant dentistry, as well as in 3D technologies, with the objective to make dental surgeries safer and less invasive. That is why he uses his own implant designs, specially manufactured, for particularly challenging cases.

Moreover, Dr Dawood has an honorary appointment at University College London Hospital, and more of the time, he is involved in advanced implant treatments of the jaw or facial reconstruction. Dr Dawood particularly enjoys challenging cases. Also, for this reason, he never refuses to help a patient in need of restoration with dental implants. 

Lastly, Dr Dawood’s interest in technology is not confined to dentistry. Hence, in 2008 he founded digits2widgets.com, a 3D printing design studio, that helps to make other people’s ideas and designs a physical reality.

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