Dr. José Ferreira

Under the supervision of Dr. José Ferreira patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy can receive safe treatment with zygomatic implants following the ZAGA philosophy. The treatment, performed by a trained and specialized team, allows the patient to receive fixed teeth within 24 hours. The ZAGA philosophy applied allows the treatment to be adapted to each patient in order to prevent complications and improve the result for the patient, compared to traditional techniques.

Curriculum Vitae

PhD in the biomedical engineering by the Engineering Faculty of Oporto University (FEUP).

Associated investigator of LAETA through INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) since 2019.

Co-advisor of MSc thesis on Biomedical Engineering

Enrolled the “O.M.D.” (Portuguese dental association), being the holder of the professional certificate of entitlement number 863.
The OMD, is the entity that rules the exercise of dental medicine in Portugal.

Member of the European Association for osseointegration (EAO) since 2018.

Member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) since 2018.

Member of the Portuguese society of Stomatology, Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery (SPEMD) since 2018.

Responsible for the implantology area at “DIMD (Diagnóstico Integrado de Medicina Dentária)”, Braga.

Responsible for the implantology area at Clínica Dentária Dra. Filomena Cunha; Viana do Castelo

Responsible for the implantology area at the Clinica Médica e Dentária de Macedo de Cavaleiros, Macedo de Cavaleiros