Dr. Sultan - What is a zygomatic implant treatment?

Originally developed for reconstructing the oral cancer patient, zygomatic implants offer the next level of care to those patients having minimal to no bone in the upper jaw to have conventional implant therapy. In my 30 years of clinical experience, I see the direct needs for the use of zygoma implants:

  • Patients with primary bone resorption in the maxilla (upper jaw)
  • Patients having failure of previous long term implant placement
  • Patients having failed “all on 4-6” implant treatment
  • Need for posterior implant support when bone grafting to the maxilla/sinus is not indicated (sinus disease)
  • Patients having partial or complete removal of the maxilla due to pathology/cancer or trauma
  • Posterior support when patients have contraindications to bone grafting

I have seen the use of zygoma implants provides successful outcomes to patients who thought they were not candidates for implants.  So the “no bone no problem” philosophy was adapted to my practice.