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Live Surgery Zygomatic Implants
This live training focuses on the latest techniques for zygomatic implant rehabilitation: The ZAGA Concept. Participants will observe and learn from experienced professionals as they perform procedures on real patients.
With hands-on experience and real-time guidance, participants will gain practical knowledge to improve their skills and patient outcomes in this complex procedure.
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Learn Live

Live mentored training for zygomatic implant surgery provides several benefits to participants. Firstly, it allows them to learn safely from experienced professionals as they perform procedures on real patients. This hands-on experience is invaluable in developing the practical skills needed to perform the procedure effectively. Secondly, participants receive immediate feedback and guidance from the mentors, allowing them to adjust their techniques and improve their skills in real time. Finally, interacting with other professionals in the field and learning from their experiences can be extremely beneficial in expanding knowledge and building professional relationships. Overall, this live mentored training session provides an unparalleled opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in zygomatic implant surgery.

Train safely with experienced Mentors

The mentors leading this live training session are highly trained and experienced in zygomatic implant rehabilitations. They bring years of clinical experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table. Participants will benefit from the mentor’s expertise and will be able to ask questions and receive immediate feedback during the live procedures. With the mentor’s guidance, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the latest techniques and best practices in zygomatic implant rehabilitation, allowing them to provide the best possible care to their patients.
mentors of the live training center sao paulo
Dr. André Sakima and Dr. Jan Peter Ilg
Finla Prosthesis Surgery

Patient Comitment

Ethics are a fundamental aspect of any medical procedure, and this live training session places patient care and safety at its core. In the framework of the training, all patients will receive provisional and final prostheses six months later, and they will be closely followed up on to ensure optimal outcomes. This commitment to patient care highlights the ethical standards of the mentors and of the ZAGA Centers Network leading the training and reinforces the importance of delivering the highest quality care to every patient. By providing training on real patients and ensuring their well-being, participants can learn and practice with confidence and integrity, knowing that they are upholding the ethical standards of their profession.

Learning Content

This live training session covers all aspects of zygomatic implant rehabilitation, from diagnostics and planning to surgery and prosthetics. Participants will learn how to evaluate patients, create treatment plans, and perform the surgery using the latest techniques. The training also includes immediate prosthetics, giving participants hands-on experience in fabricating and placing prostheses on real patients.

Through the training, participants will gain a deep understanding of each step in the process, including how to manage potential complications and ensure successful outcomes. They will also learn how to create temporary and permanent prostheses, as well as how to manage post-operative care and follow-up. This comprehensive training approach provides participants with a complete understanding of zygomatic implant rehabilitation, allowing them to deliver the highest quality care to their patients. Overall, this live training session is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this complex procedure.

Additional information:

  • The certification can be converted into credits in the Europe Union
  • The surgeries will be performed at the hospital under general anesthesia
  • There will be 2 patients per student
  • Each mentee will perform 2 cases
  • The surgical team will be composed of 2 students and 1 doctor
  • The surgeries will be mentored by Drs. André Sakima and Peter Ilg


Day 1 - Planning

Planning on 3D Models. The day will start with a welcome and introduction, followed by a presentation on surgical techniques for zygomatic implants. Participants will then have a coffee break before moving on to hands-on training using prototypes of the patients to be operated on. Lunch will be provided, and the hands-on training will resume in the afternoon. Another coffee break will be provided, followed by more hands-on training until the end of the day. The day will end with a social cocktail.

Day 2-3-4 Surgeries

Full-day program that focuses on the surgical placement of zygomatic implants. Participants will have the option to enjoy breakfast at the hospital before beginning the first session of surgery in two operating rooms simultaneously. After a lunch break at the hospital, the surgery will resume for the afternoon session. In addition to the surgical procedures, participants will have access to hands-on training with prototypes of the patients to be operated on, if necessary. Overall, this program provides participants with a comprehensive training experience in zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

Day 5 - Debriefing

Debriefing. The morning session covers fundamental aspects of oral rehabilitation supported by zygomatic implants and includes a coffee break. The next session covers potential complications that may arise during the rehabilitation process. After a lunch break at the hospital, the afternoon session involves evaluating patients who were rehabilitated during the week. The day ends with a cocktail and diploma ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the training.


This live training session in zygomatic implant rehabilitation is certified by several prestigious organizations, including Conselho Federal Odontologia, FAIPE University, and ZAGA Centers. This certification ensures that the training meets high standards of quality and professionalism, providing participants with an unparalleled learning experience. By receiving certification from these organizations, the training is recognized as meeting the requirements of these respected institutions, reinforcing its value and importance in the field of zygomatic implant rehabilitation. Participants can feel confident that they are receiving the highest quality training from industry experts when attending this certified live training session.

Conselho Federal Odontologia
FAIPE University
ZAGA Centers Network


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