Dr. Masami Ando

ZAGA Center Tokyo Japan Expert in zygomatic implants

Dr Masami Ando is one of the key opinion leaders in implantology. Also, he is one of the most recognized zygomatic implants experts globally. More than that, he embraces the ZAGA philosophy for the treatment of patients with maxillary atrophy. As shown below, Dr Masami Ando has extensive experience in implantology and his own courses.

Also, his office, ORC Implant Clinic, was certified as ZAGA Center Tokyo. At the same time, as an expert in the zygomatic implants field, Dr Masami Ando counts with a professional team surrounding him. In fact, they studied at the most prestigious institutions in Japan and abroad. More than that, he is a well-known zygomatic implant expert and performs complex surgeries.

Above all, his vast experience with complicated cases and the success rate of his treatments are not his only assets. As can be seen, Dr Masami Ando wants to share his knowledge with other professionals. For that, he organizes and participates in educational courses. Without a doubt, the complex cases that he has solved highlight him as a professional in the rehabilitation with zygomatic implants. More than that, his interest in offering the best solution to his patients make him embrace the ZAGA philosophy for the treatment of the patients with severe maxillary atrophy.

Expert in the field of Zygomatic Implants

Dr Masami Ando is the chairman at ZAGA Center Tokyo, ORC Implant Clinic, and one of the KOL as a zygomatic implant expert. He also is a visiting lecturer at Showa university In fact, Dr Ando studied at Showa University School of Dentistry, and in 1985 he established ORC Implant Center in Tokyo. More than that, he is an essential member of the Japan Dental Association and the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. In the meantime, Dr Masami Ando’s primary goal is to share his knowledge. Notably, he trains his staff in this way to provide the best treatments available to the patients. Moreover, he enjoys sharing his vast experience in the field of zygomatic implants through lectures. In particular, he gives lectures at the Department of Oral Implantology, at the Showa University. Finally, he is also the director of ISO, International Society of Osseointegration.

Exclusive ZAGA Center in Tokyo

Currently, the ORC Implant Clinic uses the latest available technologies and treatments in the dentistry field. Also, ZAGA Center Tokyo, a zygomatic expert in the area, guarantees successful procedures within 24 hours. By doing all of this, they provide the best dental treatments and make evidence of high professionalism.