Testimonials ZAGA Course January 2020: Dr. Erol Kucukkeles

“All of those questions that I had before they’ve all been cleaned up”

Dr. Erol Kucukkeles

“Hello, I am Dr. Erol Kucukkeles from Istanbul Turkey. I work in private practice and I am also a department head in a university. I was very inexperienced with zygomatic implants but now after just 3 days I feel much more knowledgeable and I used to be very scared of all the complications. Now I feel like I’m very confident I can even prevent them or not have them if I’m lucky enough.

I think that Dr. Aparicio was very hands-on with everybody, every course member, he got close with us and he answered all of our questions and he was very dynamic during the live surgery as well so it’s a very good experience for all kinds of specialist dentists I think so if you want to practice zygomatic implants I think it’s a must-go course because the old concept is problematic and the new ZAGA technique seems like it prevents them all. I’m happy that I’ve come to this course and gave it my all basically.”

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