Testimonials ZAGA Course January 2020: Dr. Pav Khaira

“All of those questions that I had before they’ve all been cleaned up”

Dr. Pav Khaira

” So I’m doctor Pav Khaira implant surgeon from the UK. I heard about the ZAGA Course because obviously if you start doing zygomatic implants you’ve heard of professor Aparicio. It was just something that I felt that I wanted to do early on in my zygomatic career and I wanted to make sure that I was learning the correct techniques and understanding correctly as well. I have done some other courses and had mentoring as well but I still had a lot of questions. There were a lot of things confusing me.

Over a period of 2 and a half days with professor Aparicio, we’ve gone from the theory, where zygomatic started, where we are now, live surgery tips and tricks it has been absolutely fantastic. All of those questions that I had before they’ve all been cleaned up and my plan is to do the course again I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, been looked after very well and professor Aparicio he is a humble guy and he’s very keen to teach you from his experiences and you can’t gain that type of information from a course compared to somebody with so much experience and willingly giving you that information, it’s priceless.”

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