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Nikolopoulos Implants

Nikolopoulos Implants has been our ZAGA Center Athens since December 2018. They are a renowned center for their excellence in assisting patients with severe maxillary atrophy. In particular, ZAGA Center Athens provides permanent fixed teeth solutions using the latest zygomatic dental implant techniques.

Located in Glyfada, Southern Athens, Nikolopoulos Implants offers a modern contemporary space with the latest high-tech equipment. The team led by Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos – a highly esteemed Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – focuses on a fusion of restorative dentistry and facial aesthetic. Furthermore, they offer highly specialized zygomatic implant procedures.

About Dr Costa Nicolopoulos

Dr Nicolopoulos is an accomplished maxillofacial and oral surgeon, concentrating on the immediate loading of dental implants. He is also an expert on zygomatic implants and has successfully treated over 22,000 patients. As a trusted clinician, he meets all the criteria needed to become a vital referral partner for treating patients with severe atrophy. Besides, he is in constant contact with other highly skilled ZAGA partners to deliver the best outcomes for all patients.

Dr Costa Nikolopoulos ZAGA

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