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Dr Costa Nicolopoulos is an accomplished maxillofacial and oral surgeon. In particular, he is also the leading surgeon at the first certified zygomatic implant expert ZAGA Center in Athens. Specifically, Dr Costa Nicopoloulos’ center is renowned for its excellence in assisting patients with severe maxillary atrophy. In particular, Dr Nicolopoulos provides permanent fixed teeth solutions using the latest zygomatic dental implant techniques. Moreover, he works in full compliance with the ZAGA philosophy. Therefore always having his patients’ best interests in mind. In particular, the center focuses on treating patients with complex and challenging maxillary atrophy. In fact, they guarantee that patients receive highly specialized zygomatic implant procedures.


About ZAGA Center, Zygomatic Implant Expert in Athens

Because of its location in Glyfada, Southern Athens, the ZAGA Center offers a modern contemporary space, complete with the latest high-tech equipment. Additionally, at the center, the team led by Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos – a highly esteemed Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – focuses upon a fusion of restorative dentistry and facial aesthetics. Because of their experience, training, and professionalism, we are proud to welcome them to our ZAGA Center network as the first zygomatic implant expert center in Athens.


About Dr Costa Nicolopoulos

Dr Costa Nicolopoulos, along with Dr Petros Yuvanoglu, is in charge of coordinating the treatment of the patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy. In fact, Dr Nicolopoulos is a zygomatic implant expert and he works following the ZAGA philosophy principles. First of all, Dr Nicolopoulos received his dental degree cum laude from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1984. Afterward, he continued his studies and training in South Africa. Last, since 1991 he is an accomplished maxillofacial and oral surgeon, concentrating on the immediate loading of dental implants.

Finally, Dr Nicolopoulos has successfully treated over 22,000 patients. For this reason, he always puts the needs of his patients first to ensure the long-term success of each treatment. Moreover, as a trusted clinician, he meets all the criteria needed to become a vital referral partner for the treatment of patients with severe atrophy. Besides, he is in constant contact with other highly skilled ZAGA partners to deliver the best outcomes for all patients.

Dr Costa Nicolopoulos Zygomatic Implant Expert

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