ZAGA Center Aveiro, Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária IPMD

Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária is the zygomatic implant expert center in Aveiro, Portugal. Above all, ZAGA Centers like the Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária – IPMD in Aveiro are centers of excellence for advanced dental treatments. Consequently, patients with severe maxillary bone atrophy find solutions to their decreasing quality of life there. Finally, our highly efficient centers provide permanent fixed-teeth solutions using the latest zygomatic dental implant techniques.

About Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária, Expert in Zygomatic Implants in Aveiro

Firstly, the Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária – IPMD in Aveiro is the only zygomatic implant expert in Aveiro. Additionally, it is one of the few ZAGA Centers in Portugal with active certification. Specifically, the highly proficient team led by Professor Dr João Carlos Ramos offers some of the most advanced solutions in oral-facial restoration. Moreover, this contemporary purpose-built clinic is in the Centro Region of Portugal. Therefore, its privileged location supports safe and reliable treatment plans and overall positive experience for every patient. Particularly, from a thorough diagnostic to a personalized treatment plan, one can be sure to find a solution at IPMD.

Furthermore, it counts with all the technology needed to carry out complex zygomatic implant cases. In fact, IPMD is well-positioned to become a primary center of clinical excellence and a center of referral for those patients with severe maxillary atrophy or complex bone defects. Moreover, the team involved in all types of dental treatments works with shared values of responsibility and genuine care for each patient’s well-being.

About Prof Dr João Carlos Ramos

To begin with, Professor Dr Ramos is the professional responsible for the certification of the Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária – IPMD, the exclusive ZAGA Center in the district of Aveiro, Portugal. In addition, with a professional career of over 25 years, it is with pride that the ZAGA Centers network welcomes him to the network. Furthermore, Prof Ramos is a zygomatic implant expert in Aveiro. In particular, this is reflected especially by his curriculum, scientific publications, and, more importantly, the patient’s testimonials.

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