ZAGA Center Barcelona – Clinica Hepler Bone

ZAGA centers are renowned places of excellence where patients with severe maxillary atrophy can come to be treated. Our highly efficient centers like Clinica Hepler Bone here in Barcelona provide permanent fixed teeth solutions using state-of-the-art zygomatic implant techniques.

About Hepler Bone

Our ZAGA Center in Barcelona was the first center of excellence in Spain. Located in a leafy area it offers patients a relaxed and natural setting. Clinica Hepler Bone comes complete with modern amenities including comfortable reception rooms, a secluded terrace where patients can relax, and fully equipped treatment rooms complete with the latest technology.

Under the direction of Dr. Carlos Aparicio – himself highly skilled in zygomatic implant placement – the clinic has an experienced team that offer some of the most advanced dental solutions in the country. Particularly in relation to cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. As such, their clinical excellence, training, and professionalism make them ideally positioned to become the primary center of excellence for complex zygomatic implant cases in Spain.

About Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Dr. Aparicio is an expert in the complex technique of zygomatic implants, which consists of oral rehabilitation in the face of dental loss by means of prostheses fixed to the jawbone. It is the solution for patients who present a lack of maxillary bone necessary for the fixation of an implant.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra, he completed his training in implants, prostheses and dental aesthetics in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Sweden. He is also the honorary president and founder of the Spanish Society of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and director, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona and the University of Gothenburg, of the program at Zygomatic Implants.

Our Philosophy

The term ZAGA is an acronym for Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach. Therefore, instead of carrying out dental implant restorations based on established surgical techniques, the zygomatic implant protocol is guided more by the patient’s anatomy. Rather than forcing a patient’s anatomy to adapt to surgical processes, the ZAGA philosophy continually adapts its processes to meet the individual needs of the patient. As such, ZAGA methodology is continually evolving and our growing network of highly skilled clinicians are at the very heart of that. Our ZAGA partners collectively work towards the goals of enhancing treatment success rates, preventing complications, and providing the highest levels of patient care. Often, they will collaborate on a particular case to deliver the best possible long-term outcomes for the patient.

Our Values

Trust and integrity are at the heart of what we do. This is maintained through ongoing clinical excellence. Dr. Aparicio, for example, is a highly skilled dentist renowned for his work with zygomatic implants. As a trusted clinician, he and the team at Helper Bone meet the criteria needed to represent a referred center of excellence for the treatment of severe maxilla atrophy using zygomatic implants. If you would like to find out more about our ZAGA Center in Barcelona then contact Dr. Aparicio and the team today. 

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