ZAGA Collaboration
Why is a ZAGA center the best place to get zygomatic implants?

Zygoma Zaga Centers bring in both regional and local patients with severe maxillary atrophy, making them the real experts on maxillary atrophy (bone loss in the mouth). ZZCs have the capacity to treat more patients and therefore have the experience to handle your case successfully. They also have established the protocols for achieving superior long-term results and have access to state-of-the-art technology such as the ZAGA model for zygomatic implants that are specifically designed to adapt to the anatomy of each person. For the ZZC team, the patient is the center of our treatment.

The seasoned professionals of the ZAGA method understand and empathize with the patient’s suffering, in whatever form this may present. As leading experts in treating advanced bone atrophy, your ZZC will adapt the treatment and the zygomatic implants to your specific anatomy, and not the other way around. In other words, ZZCs promote the ZAGA philosophy of providing therapy that is specific to each patient (patient-specific therapy), a philosophy that is commonly used in medicine today to maximize the duration of successful treatment.