ZAGA Center Bilbao, Clinica IMQ Virgen Blanca

The zygomatic implant expert Clinica IMQ Virgen Blanca is the newest certified ZAGA Center in Bilbao. In particular, the facility has a long history of medical treatment. Moreover, the clinic is one of the oldest establishments in Spain. For instance, it is the most prominent private healthcare infrastructure in the Basque Country. Additionally, IMQ Virgen Blanca guarantees the highest standards of quality and clinical safety to its patients. Undoubtedly, their main aim is to offer excellent healthcare services to provide a 360° well-being of the patients, fully compliant with the ZAGA philosophy.

About Clinica IMQ Virgen Blanca, Zygomatic Implant Expert in Bilbao

The dental clinic offers a wide selection of services, from the most common and preventive treatments to more complex procedures in orthodontics, prosthetics, and zygomatic implantology. As a result, the highly qualified team of professionals offers the best possible care and provides a complete and rigorous check-up. Specifically, Clinica IMQ Virgen Blanca commits to the highest quality care and patients’ safety. In addition, it offers selected personal, state of the art equipment, comfortable and spacious facilities. We are excited to welcome Clinica IMQ Virgen Blanca to the ZAGA network.

About Dr Julio Alvarez Amézaga

Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Julio Alvarez Amézaga is a specialist in zygomatic implants and in early diagnosis of regional metastases or the oral cavity. Moreover, Dr Alvarez Amézaga has an international background with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country. Afterward, Dr Amézaga traveled to the United Kingdom where he obtained a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgery in London. In addition to being a renowned surgeon, Dr Alvarez Amézaga is a teacher, lecturer, and author of various scientific articles.

About Dr Jon Eguizabal Chacartegui

Dr Eguizabal Chacartegui is an expert in oral surgery, periodontics and zygomatic implants. For this reason, he is a fundamental resource to the ZAGA Center in Bilbao. In particular, Dr Eguizabal Chacartegui will continue to provide his knowledge and expertise to Dr Alvarez Amézaga and his team. Notably, Dr Eguizabal Chacartegui has over 40 years of experience combined with international education and training. In addition, he actively workes as a teacher and lecturer and published articles in various scientific magazines.

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