ZAGA Center Bucharest​

Dent OP

Dental OP has been our ZAGA Center Bucharest since July 2020. They have many years of experience in dental implantology and zygomatic implants. Doctors treat complex cases of patients who thought they were not treatable. In ZAGA Center Bucharest, their patients are the living proof of their passion.

ZAGA Center Bucharest is a modern facility with the most advanced equipment. With a fantastic team of professionals, they work with the newest techniques to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. They guarantee the best care but especially that each person gets their smile back.

About Dr Corrado Cazacu

Dr Corrado Cazacu is the leading zygomatic implant expert at the ZAGA Center Bucharest. Through his national and international studies, Dr Cazacu specialized in Dentoalveolar Surgery. Thanks to his experience, he is the President of the Association of Dental Specialists in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Dr Cazacu turned his passion into a profession and has helped restore the smile of over 1700 with dental implants.

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