ZAGA Center Cardiff

Fusion Dentistry

Our ZAGA Center, located in Cardiff, is one of the first ZAGA Centers in the United Kingdom. Cardiff joined the ZAGA Centers in March of 2019 with Dr Guy Mc Lellan as the head of the team.

ZAGA Center Cardiff has decades of experience in dental surgery and zygomatic implants. The clinic guarantees the perfect combination of cosmetic and practical surgery, focusing on the patient’s well-being. For this reason, it is among the clinics of our worldwide network that embraces the ZAGA philosophy in their treatments with zygomatic implants.

ZAGA Center Cardiff has specialists in distinct fields of dentistry and oral implantology; Dr Guy McLellan and his team were trained at the most prestigious institutions in the UK and abroad. In this way, they can assure the delivery of life-changing dental surgeries and can afford to put implants even the patients with few chances to have fixed dentures, such as those who have maxillary atrophy.

Dr Guy McLellan

Dr Guy McLellan is one of our high zygomatic implant experts in Cardiff. He has an extensive experience in zygomatic implants for the treatment of patients with maxillary atrophy.

His vast experience with complicated cases and the success rate of his treatments are not his only assets. As can be seen, Dr Guy McLellan has tremendous academic preparation.

Dr Guy Mclellan ZAGA

Why become a ZAGA Center?

Joining our ZAGA network will give you access to ongoing conversations about cases: success, failures, opinions, studies, and scientific publications altogether. Also, your office will be unique and exclusive in your area.