ZAGA Center Chennai


Implantree International Dental Clinic is a zygomatic implant expert center in Chennai and the first ZAGA Center in India. Implantree International was co-founded by an acclaimed dental implant surgeon and zygomatic implant expert Prof Dr Johnson Raja James and Dr Sree Lekhsmi Midhun, a certified digital smile analyst and designer. The clinic became ZAGA Center Chennai in July 2020.

The mission of ZAGA Center Chennai is to provide the best care, combining precision, compassion, and commitment. Its professionals are extremely qualified, aided by the newest technologies. Because of their vast knowledge of dentistry and zygomatic implants, ImplanTree International is recognized as one of the state’s top clinics and awarded the Best Dental Implant Center in Chennai in 2019.

The objective of the dental specialists at The ImplantTree International is to provide the best treatments at an affordable rate. For this reason, the clinic combines quality healthcare with a modern infrastructure. Because of its skills and competence, ImplanTree International was able to put a smile on over 500 people, all over India, Bangladesh, and UAE. 

Prof Dr Johnson Raja James

Prof Dr Johnson Raja James is a renowned zygomatic implant expert and the senior implant consultant at ImpanTree International. He graduated in Periodontics from Ragas Dental College and Hospital and completed his studies with specializations nationally and internationally. Prof Dr Johnson Raja James combines his profession as a dentist and zygomatic implant expert with teaching and he serves as an Honorary Professor at the Academic Board of Lincoln University, in Malaysia. Also, he is a mentor for the Extra Maxillary Approach for Zygomatic Implants.

Why become a ZAGA Center?

Joining our ZAGA network will give you access to ongoing conversations about cases: success, failures, opinions, studies, and scientific publications altogether. Also, your office will be unique and exclusive in your area.