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Richard Brookshaw Implants

Richard Brookshaw Implants has been our ZAGA Center Cheshire and Merseyside since May 2020. The clinic guarantees the highest commitment to dental health and aims to provide comprehensive care in its facility. Above all, they offer unrivaled dental implant expertise, focusing on zygomatic implants.

ZAGA Center Cheshire and Merseyside work with the most qualified dental professionals to achieve the best results. The medical team specializes in different dental care areas, ensuring the patient’s well-being. This means they take care of the patient from the diagnosis, treatment, and post-surgery. In other words, Richard Brookshaw Implants clinic follows the ZAGA philosophy and uses only the best materials for zygomatic implants. Together with their professionalism, they guarantee success.

About Dr Richard Brookshaw

Zygomatic implant expert Dr Richard Brookshaw is a nationally and internationally acclaimed lecturer. With over 5,000 implants placed and over 5,000 smiles restored, he is one of the first five implant experts in the UK to own a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Dr Richard Brookshaw is one of the few zygomatic implant surgeons implementing a specifically adapted protocol to treat zygomatic implants worldwide.

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