ZAGA Center Copacabana, Centro de Odontologia Eduardo Moraes

Centro de Odontologia Eduardo Moraes, COEM, is a zygomatic implant expert and the new ZAGA Center in Copacabana, Brazil. In particular, the main goal of the ZAGA Center Coem is to develop and provide high-quality dental treatments. To this end, they offer various types of services such as oral and aesthethic rehabilitation, zygomatic implants, osseointegrated implants, and periodontics.
Specifically, COEM offers top quality treatments and the best professionals trained nationally and internationally. Fort this reason, we are proud to welcome ZAGA Center in Copacabana in the ZAGA Network.

About Centro de Odontologia Eduarco Moraes, Zygomatic Implant Expert in Copacabana

Above all, the team of highly qualified professional dentists and surgeons working at the clinic constantly updates the latest techniques. Moreover, doctors operate following the ZAGA philosophy. In fact, Centro de Odontologia Eduardo Moraes cares about the wellbeing of the patients, providing the best care before and after the treatment. Finally, the clinic offers all the necessary support for excellent treatments, using the most modern equipment and the most skilled professionals.

About Dr Eduardo Moraes

Dr Eduardo Moraes is a zygomatic implant expert and the Clinical Director at ZAGA Center Copacabana COEM. First, Dr Moraes got a degree in Dentistry from the Universidade Federal Fluminense in 1980. Later, he specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Afterward, he completed a Master’s degree in Implant Dentistry. Moreover, Dr Moraes studied in Brazil and specialized abroad at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Additionally, Dr Moraes combines his activity as a professional dental surgeon and zygomatic implant expert, with the role of professor coordinator at the Post Graduation Course in Implant Dentistry at the UNIFESO in Teresópolis.
Finally, Dr Moraes is a member of the American Academy of Osseointegrations, the European Association for Osseointegration, the Society of Oral Implantology of Chile and the International Association for Dental Research.

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