ZAGA Center A Coruña and Lugo, AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial

AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial is a zygomatic implant expert center and one of the first ZAGA Center in Spain. In particular, AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial has a clear focus on the well-being of each patient. In fact, their personalized treatments and preventive vision of dentistry match the ZAGA Center philosophy. Above all, they are experts in oral, maxillofacial, and aesthetic surgery committed to solving the most complex cases. Moreover, the most cutting-edge technology and instruments allow them to examine each patient to find the best solution.

Undoubtedly, at AB Cirugia Oral Y Maxilofacia patients will find answers to their questions. Hence, the clinic guarantees maximum professionalism in the performance of zygomatic implants surgery and patient care. For this reason, we are particularly proud to have them in our ZAGA Center network


About AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial, Zygomatic Implant Expert in A Coruña and Lugo

Undeniably, teamwork is essential at AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial. For this reason, each professional deals with a specific healthcare area to guarantee a higher quality of care. Moreover, the fact that the clinic is in a hospital provides the best resources, such as 24-hour emergencies or central and diagnostic services (CT, Resonance, Ultrasound, …).To this end, AB Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial has state-of-the-art technological equipment. In specific, this allows complex treatments to be carried out in an efficient and safe way.


About Dr Arturo Bilbao Alonso

Dr Arturo Bilbao Alonso is a highly qualified dentist and a real zygomatic implant expert. Together with his experienced team, Dr Bilbao Alonso assures the success of the treatment, taking care of each patient in a personalized way.

Specifically, Dr Arturo Bilbao Alonso graduated in Medicine from the University of Navarra in 1989 and holds Degree of Doctor of Dentistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2013. With more than 20 years of experience, he combines his work with teaching different postgraduate courses. In addition, Dr Bilbao Alonso has been President of the Spanish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (SECOM) and Member of the National Commission for the Specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy, and Equality.


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