ZAGA CENTER FRANKFURT MAINZ, Dr. Kraus Zahnärzte + Implantatklinik

Undeniably, Dr Kraus Zahnärzte & Implantatklinik becomes one of the first ZAGA Centers in Germany. Furthermore, in light of an excellent group of professionals, the Center meets all criteria to be a ZAGA center. Additionally, they are experts in zygomatic implants in Frankfurt and Mainz. Therefore, they help patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy. s an illustration, in 24h only they deliver implant-supported prosthesis using zygomatic implants and the ZAGA philosophy.

About Dr. Kraus Zahnärzte & Implantatklinik, the expert in zygomatic implants in Frankfurt – Mainz

In addition to having 45 years of activity, the Center is notable for its excellence and dedication. Coupled with being located in a privileged area, Dr Kraus Zahnärzte & Implantatklinik counts with state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, they have a single objective in mind: provide each patient with a tailored treatment solution. Based on several principles, the whole team at the clinic focuses on several aspects, proven beneficial to each patient:

  • Prevention: Perform early diagnostic and prevent dental issues before they appear
  • Aesthetics: Straight teeth of white teeth and a deep understanding of aesthetics are essential to provide beautiful smiles
  • Preservation: The clinical staff will do the best they can to keep your natural teeth with advanced teeth-caring.
  • Replacement: From bridges to crowns, teeth replacement takes place with highly experienced professionals.
  • Implants: As a last resort solution, dental implants replace a tooth. They can also support fixed prosthesis in case of severe dental problems. Dr. Kraus Zahnärzte & Implantatklinik are experts in dental implants and specifically zygomatic implants.

Finally, one step ahead and personalized treatments for each patient characterize Dr Kraus Zahnärzte & Implantatklinik

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About Dr Daniel Kraus

Markedly, Dr Daniel Kraus can now look back on 20 years of experience in implantology with several thousand implants. Numerous advanced training courses in the field of implantology and zygoma surgery in Germany and abroad with renowned speakers such as Prof Dr Malo, Dr Aparicio, Dr.Zuhr / Prof Hürzeler, Prof.Wachtel, etc. In like manner Specialist in Oral Surgery, Master of Science in Oral Implantology and Parodontology, Master of Science in Parodontology Certified Implantologist (DGI), focus on Implantology and Oral Surgery (LZK RLP).

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