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Not only is Frankoswki Clinic a zygomatic implant expert in Gdańsk but they are also one of the first ZAGA Center in this region. Specifically, the Clinic is one of the oldest dental and implant clinics in Poland. In detail, for the last three generations, they have been taking care of the well-being of their patients. Besides, they have been pioneers of zygomatic implants in Poland, being among the first ones to use this advanced treatment in patients with jawbones deficiencies and bone atrophy.
Undeniably, the main focus of the Clinic is to make their patients feel safe and comfortable at all times. In particular, patients are taken care of during every step of the way with great professionalism. Undoubtedly, the patients’ well-being and the perfect outcome of each treatment are in full accordance with the ZAGA philosophy.

About Frankowski Clinic, Experts in Zygomatic Implants in Gdańsk

The team at Frankowski Clinic is highly qualified and skilled. Moreover, they are specialized in different dentistry areas and update continuously to provide the best service possible. Additionally, at Frankowski Clinic, they use the latest technics and 3D technologies. In particular, all prosthetic works are made in their on-site laboratory, reducing, even more, the wait time. Lastly, the Frankowski Clinic is also an education center in implant surgery and zygomatic implants. For these reasons, we are excited to welcome Frankowsky Clinic in our ZAGA Center network.

About Dr Wieslaw Frankowski

In addition to being the founder and head of the Frankowski Clinic, Dr Wieslaw Frankowski is a DDS and specialist in prosthetic dentistry and implantology. Dr. Wieslaw Frankowski graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk, and he is part of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR OSSEOINTEGRATION (EAO).
Thanks to his professionalism and love for his work, Dr Frankowski keeps expanding his knowledge by participating in international conferences in the field of implantology. Therefore, he took part in classes conducted by global authorities in this field in Los Angeles, Goteborg, Boston or Vienna. In order to develop his professional passion, Dr Frankowski regularly cooperates with implantology experts and carries out the most complicated treatments directly in the Clinic. Also, Dr Wieslaw runs and organizes training sessions for doctors, where he invites world-renowned authorities in dentistry.

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