ZAGA Center London

Dawood & Tanner

Dawood & Tanner clinic is a zygomatic implant expert in London. They become ZAGA Center London in August 2020. The clinic’s main focus is the well-being of the patients. In particular, the team of professionals works in compliance with the ZAGA philosophy. With advanced technologies, they guarantee the most efficient treatment in less time but with greater comfort and professionalism.

Dawood & Tanner practice has been one of the leading experts in London for over 25 years, and they are among the most qualified experts in zygomatic implants in the UK. The team is among the finest dental practitioners you can find. Many of them are internationally renowned for their research in their specialties. Moreover, they update continuously to provide the best treatment and care possible.

The unique aspect of Dawood & Tanner is that under the same roof, all kinds of specialists guarantee the best outcome for each treatment and patient.

About Dr Andrew Dawood

Dr Andrew Dawood is an experienced dentist. He has been placing implants and zygomatic implants for the past 25 years, making him a real expert in this field. To share his vast knowledge, Dr Dawood teaches and lectures in the UK and abroad. Moreover, he has an honorary appointment at University College London Hospital, where he is involved in implant treatments for patients requiring jaw or facial reconstruction. Dr Dawood enjoys new challenges, and together with his team, the latest technologies, and treatments, he helps patients with the most complicated cases who need an implant.

Why become a ZAGA Center?

Joining our ZAGA network will give you access to ongoing conversations about cases: success, failures, opinions, studies, and scientific publications altogether. Also, your office will be unique and exclusive in your area.