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Ventura Oral Surgery

Greater Ventura Oral Surgery​ is a zygomatic implant expert clinic in Los Angeles. The center became certified ZAGA Center Los Angeles in March 2019 as one of the first ZAGA Centers in the USA. Dr Hooman Zarrinkelk is the zygomatic implant specialist responsible for zygomatic treatments in Greater Ventura oral Surgery.

The medical team at ZAGA Center Los Angeles ensures that top-quality care is delivered to their patients on daily basis. They make sure of that by listening to their patients’ needs and developing tailor-made treatments accordingly. Moreover, the highly qualified staff constantly keeps up to date with the most advanced methods and techniques. That is why the patients have at their disposal all kinds of treatments from general tooth extraction to the more complex zygomatic rehabilitation and jaw surgery.

Dr Hooman Zarrinkelk

Dr Hooman Zarrinkelk is a zygomatic implant expert who earned his undergraduate degree and dental degree from Loma Linda University. He began his surgical residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Hospital, where he was named Research Fellow in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr Zarrinkelk also authored several articles and gave many presentations, making significant contributions to the field of Orthognathic surgery. 

Dr Hooman Zarrinkelk ZAGA

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