ZAGA Center Northwest Indiana

Dr Leonard F. Anglis Dentistry

Dr Leonard F Anglis Dentistry, located in Northwest Indiana, became ZAGA Center Northwest Indiana in August 2019. The clinic is now an internationally recognized expert center in zygomatic implant rehabilitation. The founder of the clinic is zygomatic implant specialist, Dr Leonard Anglis. 

ZAGA Center Northwest Indiana provides comprehensive dental care and offers several types of treatments. Its goal was always to improve the patient’s quality of life, which is why Dr Anglis, the founder of the clinic decided to specialize in zygomatic implants. Now the clinic gives a new chance to patients with severe maxillary atrophy to restore their smile and quality of life.

Dr Leonard F. Anglis

Dr Leonard F. Anglis gained his Master’s from the Academy of General Dentistry and he is now a dental expert offering to his patients over 35 years of clinical experience. He is one of the few dental specialists who can praise himself for being part of both the American Board of General Dentistry and the American Board of Implant Dentistry. Dr Anglis treats severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants following the ZAGA philosophy criteria. He is in charge of the surgical part and the treatment’s success. To this day he successfully placed thousands of dental implants.

Dr Leonard Anglis

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