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Nuffield Dental

Nuffield Dental, a zygomatic implant expert in Singapore, is the first ZAGA Center on the island. The clinic was founded in 2014 by Dr Samintharaj Kumar and is a multi-disciplinary dental group that offers different kinds of treatments. In fact, their professionalism and work approach make Nuffield Dental a top-of-the-line clinic. Nuffield Dental became internationally recognized as ZAGA Center Singapore in November 2020.

ZAGA Center Singapore’s team consists of highly qualified professionals who provide different kinds of treatments, ensuring that the patient is taken care of every step of the way during the procedure. To this day the clinic has 10 accessible locations across the island, and patients can choose the most suitable location, according to their needs. 

The founder of the clinic, Dr Kumar, foment the cooperation between dentists, nurses, receptionists, and practice managers with the objective to provide the best patient experience. He also makes sure that his team at ZAGA Center Singapore is constantly trained and educated about the latest trends and techniques in advanced dentistry.

Dr Samintharaj Kumar is the founder of Nuffield Dental, a zygomatic implant expert center in Singapore. He graduated in Dentistry (BDS) from Singapore in 2001 and got a degree in Medicine from London in 2006. Since then, he has continued to gain brilliant achievements in dentistry, being the first South-East Asian to receive the David B. Scott Research Fellowship Award (International Association for Dental Research). Dr Kumar’s work ethic and professionalism make him one of Singapore’s best zygomatic implant experts.

Dr Samintharaj Kumar ZAGA

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