ZAGA Center Stuttgart

Zahnarztpraxis Dres. Simon

Zahnarztpraxis Dres Simon, located in Stuttgart, is part of the ZAGA Centers network since April 2020 as ZAGA Center Stuttgart, the unique zygomatic expert center in its area. The clinic is led by its founder Dr Peter Simon and Dr Madalina Simon, both specialists in zygomatic implants. They believe that functional and aesthetic procedures are an essential part of the patient’s well-being. 

The team of ZAGA Center Stuttgart consists of dental professionals with wide experience in dentistry. That is why the center’s team can offer its patients not only aesthetic but also more complex procedures, including zygomatic implant placement.

The team at Zahnartzpraxis Dres Simon follows regular intensive training and courses to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. The center is a reference point for the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants according to the ZAGA philosophy. Thanks to the years of experience of Drs Simon, ZAGA Center Stuttgart is one of the best dental practices in Germany that specializes in zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

Dr Peter Simon

Dr Peter Simon comes from a family of dentists, and he is the founder of the dental practice, Dres Simon. He has been working in Stuttgart for many years, always being mainly involved with implantology. Dr Simon shares his in-depth knowledge of the area by teaching in several European Universities. He is also a member of various scientific societies, such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärtliche Implantologie (DGZI) and the European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI). 

Dr Peter Simon ZAGA

Dr Madalina Simon

Since 1995 Dr Madalina Simon dedicates her time to zygomatic implantology, periodontology, and aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry. Thanks to her experience and professionalism, Dr. Madalina Simon treats her patients’ oral situations with extreme empathy and competence. Dr Madalina Simon’s primary focus is the well-being of her patients. She relies not only on zygomatic implant procedures but also on preventing concepts, such as prophylaxis and endodontics. 

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