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Not only is Portmore Dental an expert in zygomatic implants, but the clinic is also the first ZAGA Center in Surrey. Moreover, at Portmore Dental they believe that the patient experience matters just as much as the quality of the clinical work. They aim to provide the very best patient experience and do so by continuously learning and keeping up to date. Undeniably, the applied ZAGA philosophy shows in their care for the patient, experience, and training of the whole team. For this reason, Portmore Dental is the ideal center to treat severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants.

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About Portmore Dental, Expert in Zygomatic Implants in Surrey

The medical staff learns best through their patients, and feedback is always welcome. In fact, their goal isn’t just to deliver clinical excellence and for this reason, Portmore Dental aims towards a better experience for its patients. Consequently, dentists never stop learning and they regularly attend advanced courses to build their expertise. Furthermore, they have created something special at Portmore Dental, a service experience where they anticipate all the patient’s needs. In addition, the quality of clinical work is advanced and unsurpassed. Using the ZAGA technique, patients recover fixed teeth in 24h. We are excited to welcome Portmore Dental in the ZAGA Centers network.


About Dr Johann Styger

Dr Johann Styger is in charge of the zygomatic implant treatment at Portmore Dental. In particular, he believes in the Portmore Dental ethos of listening carefully to his patients to treat the whole person and take a whole new approach to dental care. To begin with, Dr Styger created tailor-made treatments thanks to his extensive knowledge of implants and smile makeovers to create beautiful, life-changing smiles.

In June 1987, Dr Johann Styger graduated at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. In addition, he received a degree in Implantology at Lille University in France and was honored at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, where he became an Associate Fellow. To summarize, Dr Johann Styger says that the most rewarding part of his job is the end part of a treatment. In particular, seeing his patients realize it was all worth it. That is to say that, if he wasn’t a dentist Dr Styger would be helping people some other way.

Dr Johann Styger

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