ZAGA Center Tampa Bay

Coastal Jaw Surgery

Coastal Jaw Surgery is a zygomatic implant expert center and the first certified ZAGA Center in Tampa Bay, Florida. Internationally known also as ZAGA Center Tampa Bay since March 2019, the clinic has turned into a renowned place of excellence in zygomatic implant placement led by Dr Michael A Pikos.
ZAGA Center Tampa Bay’s main goal is to guarantee the patient’s well-being, from the first consultation to the end of the treatment, in full accordance with the ZAGA philosophy. The clinic is designed primarily to help patients with oral and maxillofacial issues. ZAGA Center Tampa Bay is led by Dr Michael A Pikos, a highly recognized Implant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and an authority on the subject of dental implant surgical reconstruction.

Dr Michael A Pikos

Dr Michael A Pikos is the founder and the CEO of Coastal Jaw Surgery and the Pikos Institute, a medical center that offers lectures to other dental professionals from all over the world. Pikos Institute offers advanced bone and soft tissue grafting courses, as well as dental implant placement courses. 

Dr Pikos has extensive experience in implant surgery, having placed more than 26,000 implants. More specifically, he has performed thousands of hard and soft tissue grafting procedures. 

Dr Michael Pikos ZAGA

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