ZAGA Center Toronto, ISC – Implant Surgical Care

ISC – Implant Surgical Care, located in Toronto, is the first ZAGA Center in Canada and a zygomatic implant expert. Particularly, the center offers a wide range of services including zygomatic implants. Above all, ISC – Implant Surgical Care clinic treats patients from all over Canada, always having in mind the patient’s physical and psychological well-being. The ZAGA philosophy matches the philosophy of ISC – Implant Surgical Care center. In the same way, the aim of the center is to provide the best surgical care with zygomatic implants for those patients that suffer from severe maxillary atrophy.

Dr. Lesley David, ZAGA Center Toronto

About ISC- Implant Surgical Care, Expert in Zygomatic Implants in Toronto

Must be remembered that ISC – Implant Surgical Care is a specialist in several fields of dentistry. However, its main focus is on dental and zygomatic implants. Nowadays, implant treatments have become simpler and less invasive, making it the best solution for patients in need of an implant. Most important, at Implant Surgical Care Dr David makes sure that patients are treated to preserve their teeth and well-being. Moreover, ISC – Implant Surgical Care clinic is the reference center for zygomatic implants in the Toronto area. For this reason, they are a valuable member of the ZAGA Center network.

About Dr Lesley David

Without a doubt, Dr Lesley David is a specialist in zygomatic implants and maxillofacial surgeries. In brief, she shares her expertise and knowledge with lectures and live surgeries, while being a clinical instructor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Moreover, Dr Lesley David teaches and researches in the Prosthodontic Unit at the University of Toronto. Unquestionably, Dr David’s wish to share her skills led her to become a remedial course provider in implants, oral and maxillofacial surgeries for the Royal College of Dentists of Ontario. Furthermore, Dr David gives lectures both nationally and internationally on various topics in dentistry, including zygomatic implants and oral surgery.

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