Coastal Jaw Surgery

Coastal Jaw Surgery is a zygomatic implant expert center and the first certified ZAGA Center in Tampa Bay, Florida. Internationally known also as ZAGA Center Tampa Bay since March 2019, the clinic has turned into a renowned place of excellence in zygomatic implant placement led by Dr Michael A Pikos.

ZAGA Center Toronto

Implant Surgical Care

Implant Surgical Care (ISC) located in Toronto is the first ZAGA Center in Canada. The center became a part of the ZAGA Network in March 2020 and nowadays is recognized as ZAGA Center Toronto, a referral center for zygomatic implant placement. Dr Lesley David is the main implant surgeon and zygomatic implant expert in ISC.

ZAGA Center Toronto is a dental center with professionals specializing mainly in dental and zygomatic implants. At ZAGA Center Toronto, Dr David makes sure that patients are treated to preserve their teeth, having in mind their physical and psychological well-being. The ZAGA philosophy matches the philosophy of ISC – Implant Surgical Care center. In the same way, the center aims to provide the best surgical care with zygomatic implants for those patients that suffer from severe maxillary atrophy.

Dr Lesley David

Dr Lesley David is a specialist in zygomatic implants and maxillofacial surgeries. She shares her expertise and knowledge through lectures and live surgeries, being a clinical instructor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Dr David also teaches and researches in the Prosthodontic Unit at the University of Toronto and gives lectures both nationally and internationally on various topics in dentistry, including zygomatic implants and oral surgery.

Dr. Lesley from ZAGA Center Toronto

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