ZAGA Center Viseu


VISAGES became ZAGA Center Viseu in July 2018. They are experts in zygomatic implants and also a reference center for advanced dental surgery. Thanks to its skilled dental team, ZAGA Center Viseu is relevant for treating severe maxillary atrophy and zygomatic implants.

ZAGA Center Viseu has modern facilities, ideal for receiving and treating patients. They specialized in fixed and removable prostheses, maxillofacial surgery, and zygomatic implants. The combination of maximum professionalism and the care for the patient are vital aspects of ZAGA Center Viseu. For this reason, dentists at Visages are highly skilled and trained nationally and internationally. To summarize, ZAGA Center Viseu guarantees the latest techniques in zygomatic implant treatments together with highly qualified doctors.

ZAGA Center Aveiro has the technology to carry out complex zygomatic implant cases. It is well-positioned to become a primary center of clinical excellence and a center of referral for those patients with severe maxillary atrophy or complex bone defects. Moreover, the team involved in all types of dental treatments works with shared values of responsibility and genuine care for each patient’s well-being.

About Dr. Miguel Moura Gonçalves

Dr Miguel Moura Gonçalves is the director of Visages, ZAGA Center Viseu. He is a valued zygomatic implant expert and a valuable member of our ZAGA Centers Network. Thanks to his international background and skills, Dr Gonçalves offers decades of experience and extraordinary skills in several dentistry fields. He constantly shares his knowledge with his team to obtain the best surgical and implant results.

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