CISC-CINN becomes a ZAGA Scientific Partner

January, 20th 2021

A new scientific institution chose to collaborate with us to research zygomatic implants and severe maxillary atrophy. By the hand of Dr. López Píriz, CINN (The Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Center, CSIC) becomes a partner in the mission to develop and research minimally invasive techniques for zygomatic implants.

CSIC stands for Spanish National Research Council, which with more than 14 000 articles published and 600 Ph.D. thesis presented per year, it is the leading scientific institution in Spain. Furthermore, the CSIC is in the 7th position among worldwide public institutions, having more than 450 protected technologies.

CINN, a Research Center focusing on Innovation

ZAGA Centers Scientific Partner – CINN (Spain)

Currently, at CINN, there are more than 50 R&D projects that will help the industry take a step forward in the production and use of nanomaterials. We expect the cooperation with CINN will contribute to the ZAGA Centers’ commitment to innovation in zygomatic implantology.

Specifically, CINN’s research aims to develop, characterize, and fully understand new multifunctional materials at the nano, micro, and macro scales. The scientific emphasis includes reproducing principles or structures described in animals or plants through bioinspired materials, developing biomaterials with clinical benefits.

Dr. López Píriz

Dr. López Píriz is one of the reference specialists in zygomatic implants in Spain. He also is a member of the ZAGA Centers Network and focuses, aside from the clinical commitment, on how nanomaterials can be used in dentistry. With more than twenty years of experience, he is in charge of ZAGA Center Madrid and, since this year, one of our scientific partners in zygomatic implants research.

Robberto Lopez Piriz
Dr. López Píriz

The Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology Research Center (CINN) is an institute that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to material science and biology. CINN’s activity is essential to developing new materials.

At ZAGA Centers, we are proud to collaborate with the best research institutions globally. The implementation and success of the zygomatic implants result from constant study and research in the different fields of medicine and technology. The most updated publications show that zygomatic implants are safer and more efficient than block grafting when treating severe atrophy. Most importantly, the activity in CINN’s research contributes to the global mission of ZAGA in implementing safe and, with few complications, the treatment of patients affected by severe maxillary atrophy.


Sociedad Española de Ontologia Minimamente Invasiva

The Sociedad Española de Odontologia Mínimamente Invasiva is a public Spanish association committed to divulgating the minimally invasive odontology in all its realms. The concept of a minimally invasive therapy spans from preventing the disease to the implementation of surgical methods that imply minimal trauma. These techniques will make possible the preservation of tissue or minimize the collateral effects of treatment.


Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Científicas

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution in Spain dedicated to research and one of the most renowned European Research Area (ERA). It is ascribed to the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the General Secretariat for Research.

Centro de Investigación en Nanomateriales y Nanotecnología

The Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Center (CINN) was created in November 2007 by a joint initiative of 3 institutions, the National Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the Government of the Principality of Asturias, and the University of Oviedo. CINN’s research is devoted to the Controlled Design of Multiscaled Multifunctional Materials to develop, characterize, and fully understand new multifunctional materials at the nano, micro, and macro scales.

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