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With the headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and international coverage, we are counting on the high professionals from the sector. ZAGA Centers are globally recognized experts in the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy using zygomatic implants and the ZAGA philosophy. For the ZAGA Centers, patients always come first.

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Dr. Antonio Olivo
Dr. Carlos Aparicio
Dr. Cemal Ucer
Dr. Chantal Malevez
Dr. Daniel Kraus
Dr. Eduardo Crooke González De Aguilar
Dr. Edward Liu
Dr. Federico Rehberger Bescós
Dr. Guillermo Rehberger Olivera
Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk
Dr. João Ramos
Dr. Johann Styger
Dr. Leonard F. Anglis
Dr. Leslie Sultan
Dr. Ludovic Denglos
Dr. Peter Simon
Dr. Manuel Martín Luque
Dr. Miguel Moura Goncalves
Dr. Mikhael Toder
Dr. Roberto López Píriz
Dr. Sergio Duarte
Dr. José Ferreira
Dr. Alberto Fernández
Dr. Pedro Guitián
Dr. Reed Gibbins
Dr. Thomas Draper