ZAGA Course January 2020: Journey through the ZAGA Concept 

This January 2020 we held the winter edition of the ZAGA Course coordinated by Dr. Carlos Aparicio. Throughout three days of an intensive course, the participants acquired knowledge regarding the use of zygomatic implants in different anatomic setups and their related prosthetic rehabilitation.

For most of them, these days represented the opportunity to know the ZAGA Concept better and to understand how they can improve their surgical skills to offer personalized treatment for each patient and prevent complications. Dr. Pavandeep Khaira from the UK told us that it was “Absolutely incredible. I had so many questions about zygomatic implants before the course and they were ALL answered”.

Zygomatic Implant ZAGA Course by Dr. Aparicio.

Theory to hands-on practice.

Top-level speakers

In this edition, we had the pleasure to welcome as speakers the well-known dental professionals, Dr. Costa Nikolopoulos, who covered osseodensification and Prof Clarós who presented the radiological and clinical aspects of the paranasal sinuses. Dr. Costa Nikolopoulos, who is in charge of ZAGA Center Dubai and ZAGA Center Athens, helped the participants understand better the ZAGA Concept during the live surgery. He commented with them the decisions that Dr. Carlos Aparicio made in the surgery and conducted the debate in order to make the most of the case presented.

Dr. Carlos Aparicio lecturing about the success criteria

From planning to surgery

During the first day, the Course took place at Clinica Mayo. Dr. Ignacio Mayo, the lead surgeon of the office assisted Dr. Carlos Aparicio in the live surgery along with Dr. Lesley David and Dr. Leonard Anglis. It was a challenging case and, on top of that, a complex complication during the procedure. Find more looking at the entire resume here.

3D model of the donor

The second day was reserved for the lecture about the success criteria in zygomatic implants and the prevention of complications. The participants also had the chance to perform a hands-on session with 3D models, printed from the actual CT scans of the donors.

The course is an entire journey through the ZAGA concept. After the two first days of theory, live surgery and hands-on 3D models, the participants were able to perform the surgery on the cryopreserved cadavers on Saturday morning.

Each edition of the course is unique, as we get to know each other for 3 days of learning how to deliver the best solution for each patient. We count on highly international participation, making this course a reference worldwide in the zygomatic implants field.

99,7% satisfaction over 10 years

“Fantastic, top-notch, world-class course!”

Right after the course, Dr. Tom Wierzbicki from Canada expressed his satisfaction “Fantastic, top-notch, world-class course!”. Dr. Vanderlim Branco Camargo from Brazil was thrilled: “I was really pleased with the course and would like to congratulate Dr. Carlos Aparicio and the team for the professionalism in conducting the course and for the finesse in the treatment of the students.” 

Dr. Alexis Mendonça (PT), Dr. Carlos Aparicio (ES) and Dr. Vanderlim Branco Camargo (BR)

The participants were very close to Dr. Carlos Aparicio, asking questions, discussing cases that had been assigned to each group. Dr. Carlos Aparcio, along with Dr. Costa Nikolopoulos, explained in detail how to carefully plan a surgery of such complexity. After these hands-on sessions, Dr. Michel Fortin from Canada said, “Excellent course. Theory and hands-on were outstanding. Dr. Aparicio is a very good teacher. I appreciate his personality and teaching skills.”

The ZAGA Course is a three-day journey through the ZAGA Concept.


Overall satisfaction


3D Models & Live Surgery


recommend the course

Related to the course agenda and the complexity of the hands-on, Dr. Max Miller, from Canada, remarks the passion of Dr. Aparicio regarding the ZAGA Concept: “An amazing course. Dr. Aparicio is on a mission to spread the best zygoma implant technique and to improve it as best as is possible.”  

After 10 years of being a worldwide reference in the field of zygomatic education, we understand that an edition is successful if, in the end, we could create a community where open conversations and continuous learning are the building blocks. If you are interested in the ZAGA Concept and you want to participate in the next edition of the ZAGA Course, you can book your seat here.


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  1. I posted mail for asking your zygomatic implant course two years ago. I am very interested in your course and would like to learn zygomatic implant operation’s skills. Unfortunately it could be difficult to have it now in order to COVID -19. But After disappearing it, I and my friends want to join your course. If you have a next schedule from now on, please show me it.
    I and my friends have done All-on4 surgeries in our clinic and two years ago we attended a zygomatic implant course in India.
    But i was hardly able to comprehend the skill enough there.
    i would like to get zygomatic implant’s skills and conduct it for my patients in my clinic.
    I am looking forward to meeting you and having your course.

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