ZAGA Zygomatic Implant 3 day Course

The Reference in Zygomatic Implant Education

The ZAGA zygomatic implant course describes our experience of more than 25 years with zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of the extremely resorbed maxilla. The course lasts three days of intensive zygomatic implant journey. The participants acquire knowledge regarding the use of this advanced treatment in different anatomies. Furthermore, they learn about related prosthetic rehabilitation. Also, we review different surgical techniques, their benefits, and their limitations, including the classic intra-sinusal technique, the extra-sinusal technique up to the ZAGA philosophy. Precisely, we provide detailed insights into the latter to prevent surgical and prosthetic complications. Live surgery, along with immediate prosthetic delivery, takes place with live comments. Moreover, the course includes zygomatic planning and hands-on training in customized artificial phantoms. Finally, surgical training on cryopreserved human heads takes place to finalize this zygomatic implant course.

99,7% satisfaction over 10 years


ZAGA Course

The ZAGA Course is a long-running 3 days educational course. For 10+ years and with 99%+ satisfaction, the Course covers zygomatic implant rehabilitation from start to finish, including the ZAGA Concept. On top of the 3D model hands-on, each participant follows a learning path from the DICOM files, 3D model rehearsal, and hands-on cryopreserved severely atrophic donor head. The faculty includes Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Rubén Davó.

ZAGA Course Fees

General Admission: 4700€

ZAGA Centers admission: 4000€

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They attended the ZAGA Course

Dr Johann Styger

Dr. Johann Styger

Intense, comprehensive and a must for any surgeon interested in providing this treatment. [Now ZAGA Center Surrey County]

Dr Alan Meltzer

Dr. Alan Meltzer

Excellent experience. I highly recommend this zygomatic implant course.

Dr Miguel Nunes

Dr. Miguel Nunes

Fantastic course and organization. Little to be improved. Best course I’ve been to. Congratulations to you all.

Dr Luis Bruzual

Dr. Luis M Bruzual

This is a unique course for those seeking an alternative option for patients with severe maxillary atrophy. The course is well structured and delivered by Dr. Aparicio, who has developed the ZAGA classification that simplifies the technique and makes it less aggressive without compromising the implant’s stability. Dr. Aparicio delivers the first day of theory with real great examples; details of the ZAGA classification are explained according to anatomical variations.
There is a live surgery, and the participant can see a real case from the beginning to the end. Each participant had the opportunity to pre-plan their case on a real CBCT from a cadaver specimen. A stereolithographic model was provided to do the hands-on practice. The final day the same cadaver specimen was used to place zygomatic implants with the ZAGA technique. Dr. Aparicio and his team have well amalgamated a complete course that will prepare you to start delivering the ZAGA approach as a predictive technique for your patients. Well done, ZAGA centers.

Dr Giuseppe Piemontese

Dr. Giuseppe Piemontese

I have taken several zygoma courses before but think this is the best because of the organization with real DICOM files and because of the incredible theoretical part of Dr. Aparicio. Congratulations!

Dr Daniel Krauss

Dr. Daniel Kraus

Dr. Aparicio is a perfect teacher and has an outstanding personality. [Now ZAGA Center Frankfurt]

Dr Stuart Youmans

Dr. Stuart Youmans

A wonderful program highly recommended. This is the absolute future of complex reconstruction, and Dr. Aparicio is clearly the foremost expert in this approach. Bravo!

Prof Cemal Ucer

Prof. Cemal Ucer

One of the most structured and well-delivered courses I’ve seen. Carlos Aparicio is an outstanding surgeon and an amazing educator. Evidence-based ZAGA success code will definitely re-establish the role of the Zygomatic implants as a real alternative therapeutic option for the rehabilitation of the severely atrophic Maxilla. I am looking forward to working closely with Dr. Carlos Aparicio and his ZAGA team in the future. [Now ZAGA Center Manchester]

Dr Moustafa Taha

Dr. Moustafa Taha

Great zygomatic implant course, well planned, well-executed. The philosophy behind the course which makes the patient the main focus is really great and makes you want to adopt it. Finally, a lovely and enthusiastic community I want to be part of.

Dr Robert Dyas

Dr. Robert Dyas

An excellent course, great evidence-based structure. Hands-on using planning, models, and cadavers was fantastic. The best zygomatic course I have done. Essential course if you are using zygomatic implants.

Dr Vanderlim Camargo

Dr. Vanderlim Camargo

I was really pleased with the course and would like to congratulate Dr. Carlos Aparício and the team for the professionalism in conducting the course and for the finesse in the treatment of the students.

Dr Pavandeep Khaira

Dr. Pavandeep Khaira

Absolutely incredible. I had so many questions about zygomatic implants before the course and they were ALL answered. I plan on repeating it.

Dr Michel Fortin

Dr. Michel Fortin

Excellent course. Theory and hands-on were outstanding. Dr. Aparicio is a very good teacher. I appreciate his personality and teaching skills. I will definitely recommend this course to my associates and to the residents of my OMFS program. Thanks.

Dr William Lippisch

Dr. William E. Lippisch

I felt that the combination of philosophy with the surgical technique was most satisfying. Not just how but carefully why.

Dr. Amit Mistry

Dr. Amit Mistry

Superb – thorough assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for zygoma cases plus how to perform surgery in a logical step by step way.

Dr. Max Miller

Dr. Miller Max

An amazing zygomatic implant course. Dr Aparicio is on a mission to spread the best zygoma implant technique and to improve it as best as is possible. At a time in his career where he could stop and take it easy, you can see him trying to make it a life quest! Thank you and much respect to you all.