ZAGA initiated a Delphi Method to improve protocols for zygomatic treatment

Last week, our ZAGA Centers Headquarters in Barcelona launched a Delphi Method in zygomatic treatment with all ZAGA Centers worldwide. The Delphi process is a collaborative effort in which, based on a series of questionnaires, a forum of experts independently and anonymously share their statements through a mediator. Delphi focuses on reaching a consensus between the experts’ answers and determining a consistent outcome with these results.

First uniform zygomatic protocol of ZAGA Network Specialists

As our ZAGA Centers focus on zygomatic implants to rehabilitate severe maxillary atrophy, our Delphi process focuses on defining a uniform protocol for this procedure. The protocol will represent a significant milestone in the development of the zygomatic treatment in which the best specialists in zygoma surgery will participate.

Progressing in zygomatic rehabilitation together

This is one more collaborative activity involving all certified ZAGA Centers. Currently, we are more than fifty ZAGA Centers, which means more than sixty professionals around the world with vast experience and knowledge in zygomatic implants that will share their insights during this Delphi process.

We are thrilled to receive their contributions and looking forward to publishing the end result of this process.

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