ZAGA Center Scientific Partner – University of Valencia

The prestigious University of Valencia becomes a Scientific Partner to the ZAGA Network providing scientific and academic support. Internationally-recognized for his extensive publications on oral and zygomatic implants, Prof. Miguel Peñarrocha Diago, Professor, and Chairman of Oral Surgery Department Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, is leading the research activities regarding the treatment of the severe maxillary atrophy using zygomatic implants via the ZAGA Concept.

About Prof. Miguel Peñarrocha

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, University of Valencia, 1979, specializations in Stomatology and Neurology in Valencia. PhD by the University of Valencia in 1987, MDS in Oral Surgery and Implantology University of Barcelona in 2000. Fellow of the European Board of Oral Surgery. Undertaken diverse research projects with public funding and has also participated in 20 research projects in collaboration with private companies. Published more than 200 articles in indexed journals and edited or authored 14 books.

The ZAGA Approach

The term ZAGA is an acronym for Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach. In patients suffering from extreme maxillary bone atrophy, where conventional implants can’t be placed, an immediate set of fixed new teeth may be placed following ZAGA recommendations. ZAGA is seeking for individualized treatment. Instead of carrying out dental implant restorations based on uniform (the same for all patients) surgical protocols, the ZAGA zygomatic implant technique is guided and adapted to the patient’s anatomy. This is known as “Patient Zygomatic Specific Therapy” because meets the individual needs of the patient.

What is a ZAGA Center?

ZAGA centers are selected offices and Universities where patients suffering from maxillary atrophy can be treated through natural-looking, fully-functioning fixed teeth oral restorations using the ZAGA Concept to apply the latest zygomatic implant protocols.
All ZAGA centers are dedicated to patient service. Minimizing risk, reducing the length of treatment time and costs, enhancing the success rates, decreasing complications, and providing each and every patient with optimum care are the ZAGA Center goals.
In particularly complex cases, our highly skilled international partners will collaborate with each other to ensure the best possible patient long-term outcomes. This may mean specifically designed quality instruments, materials, and implants to suit the requirements of each clinical case. Inevitably, along with the highest standards of clinical excellence, our ZAGA centers are internationally renowned as places of quality, integrity and above all, trust!

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