ZAGA Proficient Course

The Reference in Zygomatic Implant Education

This intensive 3-day course is drawn from our 25+ years of experience with zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of the extremely resorbed maxilla according to Zygoma Anatomy Guided Approach (ZAGA).

The course is designed for surgeons who want to see more complex zygomatic implant cases and want to learn about the evidence-based ZAGA method that consists series of techniques, materials and protocols designed to achieve predictable long term results and prevent surgical and prosthetic complications.

The benefits and limitations of different surgical techniques, including intra and extra sinus approaches, will be discussed. Detailed insights into Dr Carlos Aparicio’s ZAGA philosophy and the ORIS success code will be provided.

By Dr. Carlos Aparicio, MD, DDS, DLT, MSc, MSc, PhD.

Next Course In Manchester, UK in collaboration with Prof. Cemal Ucer, ZAGA Center Manchester



Learning Points

ZAGA Proficient Course delegates will have the opportunity to: