Dr. Peter Simon and Dr. Madalina Simon

Zygomatic Implants Experts in Stuttgart: Dr. Madalina Simon and Dr. Peter Simon

Within the dynamic landscape of dental surgery, the contributions of Drs. Madalina and Peter Simon particularly stand out in the field of zygomatic implants. By founding the Implantat-Zentrum und Zahnarztpraxis Dres. Simon, in Stuttgart, has established a premier ZAGA Center, ZAGA Center Stuttgart, and set a benchmark for excellence and innovation in dental implantology.

Drs. Madalina and Peter Simon bring expertise and an unwavering dedication to advancing zygomatic implant techniques. Their certification as ZAGA Center experts underscores their proficiency and commitment to tailoring solutions for the complex needs of patients requiring advanced implantology procedures.

They are continuing to push the boundaries of dental implantology, Drs. Madalina and Peter Simon, as zygomatic implant experts, not only enhance the lives of their patients but also significantly contribute to the broader dental community, inspiring a new generation of professionals to explore the potential of zygomatic implants. 

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