Zygomatic experts in Tokyo

Dr. Masami Ando, a visionary in the field of dental implantology, established the foundation for what would become a reference of excellence in Japan: the first ZAGA Center in Tokyo. His pioneering work has not only propelled the practice of zygomatic implants in the region but also established a new benchmark for dental care excellence across the nation. Dr. Masami’s commitment to innovation and patient care has secured him a prestigious reputation among both peers and patients.

Carrying on his father’s legacy, Dr. Takuma Ando has stepped into the role of successor with great dedication. Embracing the same passion for dental excellence and innovation as his father, Dr. Takuma continues to drive the ZAGA Center Tokyo toward new heights. With a steadfast commitment to the advancement of implantology, Dr. Takuma is devoted to enriching his father’s legacy, ensuring the Ando family name remains emblematic of quality, innovation, and care within the dental community.

Dr Takuma Ando

Dr. Takuma Ando

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