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ZAGA Centers are global experts in fixed dentures. To us, each patient is unique, from the dental anatomy to the nature of the problem leading to a first visit at the ZAGA Centers. Our purpose is to restore the quality of life of each patient knocking at our door. We are specialists in the treatment of severe lack of bone preventing implante placement. To do this, we study, plan and communicate with the patient to provide him/her with a full fixed denture in fine.

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Zygomatic Implants Indications

Patients share their experience

My name is Ana M. Mielgo. I had three children and as my family was growing, my dental problems were also growing. Many problems… I was missing a lot of bone, they told me I needed bone grafts in the sinus but I chose not to do it… Until I contacted Dr. Aparicio and we decided to place implants.
I had surgery on 28.10.1999. He used his technology of inclined implants and we didn’t need bone grafts. I had one wish… to be able to eat an apple like when I was a lass. And now, I BITE INTO APPLES!​

Ana Maria Mielgo​

My name is Dolores and I’ve had zygomatic implants for over thirteen years. Since I was only eight years old, I’ve had problems with caries, continuous infections affecting various grinders. […] Today, with the four zygomatic implants, I feel the prosthetic is perfectly secure. My life changed drastically thirteen years ago. For the first time in years, I can chew, laugh, speak without fear of losing the prosthetic…

Testiminial D.P.
Dolores Fernandez

My father was a photographer. I inherited the passion for photography and looking at old photos, I noticed that my mouth was in a very bad shape. […] I couldn’t eat or laugh properly, and I thought that after I recovered, I was going to get my mouth fixed. I had the zygomatic implants surgery and I was completely sedated because I didn’t want to know anything. Everything went very well. I am very happy, firstly because I can eat almost everything and secondly, because I can smile without worrying when I am being photographed!​

Joan Cadenas

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