Participants of the Proficient Course sitting and paying attention at the beginning of the lecture.

June 2021 has been the first occasion for Doctors from all over the globe to share a great learning experience during the first edition of our ZAGA Proficient Course.

The opportunity to share and learn from the key opinion leaders Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Rubén Davó turned out to be very much an occasion to deepen the knowledge of the Doctors. Traveling from nine different countries, they started their ZAGA Journey through the theory to the practice of 3D Dental Models. The Course allowed them to learn about implant positioning, prosthetic rehabilitation, and anatomic setups to adapt to each case.

The importance of innovation: Straumann ZAGA Round and ZAGA Flat zygomatic implants

The Course led by Dr. Aparicio and Dr. Davó has given the specialists the occasion to use the new zygomatic implants Straumann-ZAGA Flat and Straumann-ZAGA Round. The implants designed by Dr. Carlos Aparicio in collaboration with a renewed team of engineers perfectly combine the ZAGA Concept adapting to the patient’s anatomy to prevent complications such as soft tissue complications and rhinosinusitis complications.

The Doctors had the chance to practice with the StraumannⓇ zygomatic implant system composed of the ZAGA Flat and ZAGA Round models. To appreciate the new design and adaptability and refine their zygomatic implant skills with the titanium implants’ narrower 3,4 mm apex diameter.

According to the ZAGA Concept, the implant designs focuses on providing a safer and adaptable path to help the patients who suffer from severe maxillary atrophy to recover a fixed denture without complications.

A Straumann delegate, explaining about Straumann Zygomatic Implants
Andrés Montero, delegate of Straumann during his presentation

A ZAGA Journey through complicated cases

No place apart from Torre Glories, one of the landmarks of Barcelona, could have fit as the location for the ZAGA Proficient Course’s first edition. 

After a welcome session where the Doctors had the occasion to get to know each other, the day started led by Dr. Carlos Aparicio, who introduced the ZAGA Philosophy and the ZAGA Concept—going through other existing techniques for placing zygomatic implants to compare them to prevent complications during surgery.

Once the evidence-based understanding of the ZAGA technique was gained, the first hands-on session on the Straumann model, including BLX, began. 

On the second day, Prof. Pedro Clarós‘s participation delved into the radiological and clinical aspects of the paranasal sinuses. Following this, Dr. Davó shared his knowledge on various topics such as the quad zygoma technique, zygoma in partial edentulism, concluding with a particular focus on Complication’s management.

Afterward, two complex pre-recorded surgeries and practice placing the new ZAGA-Straumann zygomatic implants on 3D models in hands-on sessions allowed the surgeons to develop hands-on experience in the placement and restoration of the new ZAGA-Straumann round and flat Zygomatic Implants.

The third and last day has seen the fourth and most complicated hands-on session and an interesting conversation on the ORIS Success code for achieving predictable and successful outcomes.

Prof. Pedro Claros during his lecture during the second day of the Proficient course.
Prof. Pedro Clarós
Dr. Rubén Davó during his lecture during the second day of the Proficient course.
Dr. Rubén Davó

An on-site course, as usual

Each edition of the course is unique, as we get to know each other for 3 days of learning how to deliver the best solution for each patient. We count on highly international participation, making this course a reference worldwide in the zygomatic implants field.

The course was conducted in large spaces to comply with health care delivery, respecting safety measures and barrier gestures. All the participants and staff coming from worldwide got a PCR test on-site to minimize the risks.

Three participants of the Proficient Course, listening to the lecture.
Dr. Davo bumping elbows with a course participant.
Participants of the Proficient Course, listening to the lecture with masks.

Dental 3D hands-on: A dynamic and interactve environment

The hands-on practice was an excellent opportunity to share and learn in a dynamic and interactive environment. Both the critical opinion leaders Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Rubén Davó were able to explain the details to the participants on how to improve their technique by answering their questions and opening an exciting debate. Indeed, Dr. Bettens Rolf from Belgium was satisfied: “Speakers were very approachable. Took their time to explain really well and “license to drill” was a very good idea […]”.

Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Rubén Davó presented the ZAGA Concept and the new advances in the technique including the new Straumann zygomatic implant system. After three days of full enriching lectures and helpful practices, Dr. Luis Pinheiro from Portugal expressed his satisfaction: “Great course, with a real chance of learning the ZAGA concept and technique.”

Dr. Andrea Stevanello from Italy agrees, commenting, “Clear theoretical lessons and beautiful hands-on sessions.”

Dr. Aparicio with two participant during the hands-on with a 3D dental model.
Dental 3D Model for training in the Proficient Course
Dr. Aparicio explaining to a participant about zygomatics with a 3D model.

For most of them, this Course represented the opportunity to get to know the ZAGA Concept, and some of them revealed they are delighted with the 3-day ZAGA Proficient Course. Dr. Marco Toia comments, “The best course I ever attended. Thanks Carlos and Ruben”

We are very proud of this great ZAGA Proficient course’ first edition, and of the remarks, the Doctors released and shared with us, such as Dr. Yong-Han Koo from the US who said about the course: “In short, I have to say that this was one of the best courses I have ever taken by far. It is an intense program where you feel Dr. Aparicio and Dr. Davo’s true passion to share their tremendous wealth of knowledge. I very much enjoyed the hands-on sessions every day where we applied what we learned with their detailed, step-by-step instructions. I also want to comment on the entire ZAGA team’s generous and kind hospitality – they were there every step of the way to make sure that we were well taken care of. I truly look forward to taking additional courses in the future and I highly recommend this course to clinicians of all levels. “

We are thrilled about these three days spent together, and we look forward to the following Course that will take place in Manchester in November 2021.