How to start with zygomatic implants? How has the ZAGA approach changed the concept of treating patients? What is the story behind the ZAGA Concept? Find all the answers with our experts in the ZAGA Podcast.

ZAGA Centers Podcast

The ZAGA Centers Podcast provides clinicians with key insights, interviews, and opinions focused on zygomatic implant rehabilitation. Get to know the members of the ZAGA Centers Network and special guests from the industry! Dr. David Pastorino is the Podcast’s host and guides the guests through a zygomatic journey, including topics related to the patient experience and professional growth.

The ZAGA Podcast’s first season comprises 13 episodes, each an in-depth interview of members of the ZAGA Centers network. The second season focused on the speakers’ introductions for the conference Edentulism2023 and included topics related to full-mouth rehabilitation and advanced prosthetic workflows. 

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