A group of professionals globally recognized experts specialists in zygomatic implants to treat severe bone loss using zygomatic implants.

The ZAGA Centers are present worldwide and gather a group of experienced professionals in zygomatic implants. They are globally recognized experts in treating severe bone loss using zygomatic implants with the ZAGA Concept. The ZAGA Members are knowledgeable in advanced dentistry and key opinion leaders. They participate in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Furthermore, research and development initiatives are part of their activity. A collaborative mindset gathers the members into thinking sessions and treatment plan discussions. Additionally, the ZAGA members are lecturers in zygomatic implants, running international courses and mentorship sessions. Each ZAGA Center is an exclusive expert office locally. Altogether, there are few experienced professionals in zygomatic implants. The ZAGA Members are part of them and support other less experienced clinicians with case referrals and support with complications.

The ZAGA Centers are renowned expert dental offices globally. Specifically, they are experts in the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy using zygomatic implants. Each ZAGA Center goes through a demanding selection process to obtain the ZAGA Center certification. The criteria include clinical and patient-care aspects. Once certified, they are involved in network activities, including scientific, clinical, and partnership activities. Currently, we are more than 50 ZAGA Centers around the world.

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