The Quality of Life Study

Join this groundbreaking scientific study supervised by ZAGA Centers and conducted by Smile 24h.

What is the Quality of Life Study

One of the primary missions of Zygoma ZAGA Centers has always been to provide patients from all over the world with dental issues the opportunity to improve their quality of life through tailor-made treatments with comprehensive solutions that fully restore their dental functionality and aesthetics.

With this aim, and hand in hand with Smile24h, we are thrilled to introduce the ‘Quality of Life’ Study, a groundbreaking research project designed to evaluate the impact of full-mouth rehabilitation treatments on patients’ quality of life. Using the standardized Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP 14) method, we aim to measure the real benefits these treatments offer, enhancing the lives of those who undergo them.

The study is welcoming participation from clinicians performing full-mouth rehabilitations, including, but not limited to, regular implants, zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants, nasal implants, and any other fixtures that guarantee a safe and predictable result for patients. To gather comprehensive data, we’re tracking patient progress at several post-treatment milestones: after seven days, three months, six months, one year, two years, and three years.

Why Should You Participate in the Quality of Life Study?

For every five patients you enroll who complete both the initial and follow-up forms, you will receive a detailed report on your patients’ improvements in their quality of life. This report is not only a testament to your commitment to patient care but also a powerful tool for your clinic’s marketing and patient conversion efforts.

By submitting data for at least five patients, you will be acknowledged in the study’s manuscript. Clinicians enrolling the highest number of patients will be recognized as top collaborators in this peer-reviewed study, proudly supported by ZAGA Centers.

Participating in this study allows you to contribute directly to valuable insights on the long-term benefits of full-mouth rehabilitation, paving the way for advancements in patient care and improving overall patient experience.

How to Join the Study?

To begin your participation, simply click on ‘Participate Now‘ to fill out a brief enrollment form. After submission, you will receive a follow-up email with detailed instructions on enrolling your patients. Each enrolled patient will receive a consent confirmation and the initial questionnaire to be completed before their treatment commences. We will handle all subsequent processes and keep you informed on the progress of each patient you register.

The study does not involve financial contribution or retribution of any sort. The design and analysis are covered by the network of ZAGA Centers and the results will be published in open-access peer-reviewed scientific journals.

About Smile24h

Smile is the latest initiative by ZAGA Centers, dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive knowledge about zygomatic implants and full-mouth rehabilitation treatments.

Its mission is to enhance patient education and improve quality of life through information, research, patient community, and locator of the closest ZAGA Certified expert in their area.

This initiative underlines our dedication to enhancing patients’ quality of life through personalized treatment, strengthened by providing accurate information and support to patients considering or undergoing full-mouth rehabilitation treatments.

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