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Learn basic and advanced techniques and protocols following the ZAGA Concept to take your zygomatic implant abilities to the next level! A total of 11 modules provide you with 15 hours of content!

Includes: Personal Introduction, First Patient, Professional life, Objectives Outline and Specific Objectives

Includes: Defect type and Smile Line, Biomechanics and Remains of Alveolar Bone, Zygoma and Maxilla Bone Anatomy, Total Edentulism, Partial Edentulism, Rescue, Maxillary Atrophy, Implant And Grafting Failures, Failing Dentition, Maxillectomy and the Module B Quiz.

Includes: Literature Review, Challenge, The Original Technique, The Original Technique Drawbacks, Slot Technique, The Extrasinus Technique, Comparison All Techniques, and the Module C Quiz.

Includes: Overview ZAGA Concept, ZAGA Classification, Understanding The Anatomy, Understanding The Risks, Objectives Of The Osteotomy Overview, Preserve Bone – Single Vs Double Osteotomy, Preserve Bone – Window Osteotomy Drawbacks, Planning The Osteotomy, ZAGA Paper and the Module 1 Quiz.

Includes: Two Types Of ZAGA Osteotomies, Tunnel Osteotomy, Channel Osteotomy, Maintaining The Sinus Lining, Osteotomies and Implant Design Summary and the Module 2 Quiz.

Includes: ABC of ZAGA, The A Point I- Prosthetical Criteria, The A Point II – Biomechanical Criteria, The A Point III – Anatomical Criteria – Avoid Soft Tissue Recession, The A Point III – Anatomic Criteria – Reach Maximum BIC, The A Point III – Anatomic Criteria – Sinus Preservation and the Module 3 Quiz.

Includes: Number Of Implants, Implant Diameter, Zygoma Architecture and Fracture Prevention, Zygoma Architecture FEM publication and the Module B Quiz.

Includes: Plan, Raise the Flap, Place the retractor, Join the two dots and the Module 5 Quiz

Includes: Literature Review Regarding Complications, Types of Complications, Orbital Perforation, Temporal Fossa Penetration, Zygoma Fracture, Instrument Fracture, Excessive Bleeding, Infra-Orbital Nerve Disturbance, Transcutaneous Drilling, Intracraneal Penetration, Facial Hematomae, Labial Laceration and Parasthesia, Cellulitis and Flap Dehiscence, Infection, Late Soft Tissue Dehiscence, Late Soft Tissue Dehiscence Clinical Cases, Late Soft Tissue Dehiscence Cellulitis, Regular Implant Failure, Peri-abutment Inflammation, Coronal Gingival Fistulae, Coronal Sinus Fistulae, Apical Fistulae, Apical Fistulae and Implant Design, Oronasal or Orosinus Communication, Late Rhinosinusitis, Prosthetic Complications – Bulky Prosthesis, Prosthetic Complications – Components Fracture and the Module 6 Quiz.

Includes: Overview Soft Tissue Management, Soft Tissue Healing and Delaying The Surgery, Incision, ZAGA Palatal Roll Flap, ZAGA Partial Thickness Flap, ZAGA Osteotomy, Implant Design – Bone Maintenance, Soft Tissue Stability – Compression, Soft Tissue Stability – Infection, L-PRF and Bone Grafting, ZAGA Scarf Graft, Bichat Fat Pad, Abutment and Soft Tissue, Suturing Considerations, Hygiene Recommendations, Soft Tissue Considerations – Summary, Quiz Module 7

Includes: Introduction, “O” for Prosthetic Offset, “R” for Rhinosinusitis status, “I” for Soft Tissue Inflammation/Infection, “S” for Implant Stability, Comparing the Original Technique and the ZAGA Concept using ORIS, ORIS Evaluation with ZAGA implant designs, ORIS Evaluation with new implant designs – The Results O-R, ORIS Evaluation with new implant designs – The Results I-S, Quiz Module 8


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