Dental 3D Models​

We use advanced technology to provide the best dental implant solutions for our patients. One of the technologies we employ is the Dental 3D Model, which provides numerous benefits for the patient and the surgical team.

Improved Accuracy and Precision

A Dental 3D Model provides a clear and accurate picture of a patient’s unique anatomy, allowing us to plan and prepare for surgery with greater precision. With this information, we can anticipate potential issues and develop a surgical plan tailored to the individual patient’s needs. This leads to a more successful outcome and reduces the risk of complications.

Increased Safety and Efficiency

When surgical teams have a clear and detailed picture of a patient’s unique anatomy, they can operate with increased efficiency and accuracy. This reduces the risk of errors during surgery and improves patient safety.

Better Patient Education

A Dental 3D Model can be a powerful tool in informing patients about their treatment plan. By visualizing the surgery and expected outcome, patients can better understand the procedure and feel more confident in their decision to move forward with treatment. This can lead to better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

Dental 3D Models Process

Using high-definition 3D printers, we print your patient’s dental anatomy based on a CBCT or CT Scan. The DICOM files are segmented and curated by hand to ensure maximal fidelity. The resulting volume is checked for authenticity and anatomical accuracy to be transformed into a printable STL file. This 3D model is printed using the “Stereolithography” printing technique. Our high-definition segmentation process of medical images and our resin formulation and high-definition 3D printers provide a replica that helps the doctor evaluate and prepare the case more efficiently. These models have been specifically designed and conceived for use in the dental sector, so they are prepared to withstand drilling efforts, just as real bone would.

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Dental 3D model

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To order this dental 3D model, please consider the following:

  1. To start the design, you must send the DICOM files to our e-mail using WeTransfer, Dropbox, or similar services.
  2. All our models are printed without teeth; if you like your design to include teeth, you should notify us by e-mail.
  3. The average turnaround time is seven days + shipping time. The turnaround time depends on the current workload and the country to be shipped.
  4. If you choose Fast Processing, your order will be a priority, however the delivery time will depend on the country to be shipped. If you need more specifications about it, please write us at
  5. The order may not be accepted if the workload doesn’t allow delivery before the surgery.


“An invaluable tool for assessing the patient and also to prepare the future operation. It allows you to see and actually touch the patient before you reach the operating room and in order to avoid surprises and be ready for the worse case…”

Dr. Adi Lorian – Lorian Medical (Tel-Aviv)