for Patient Information and Surgery Preparation

At ZAGA Centers, we provide you all the training and tools needed for successful zygomatic implant rehabilitation. This includes personalized dental 3D Models. Starting with the DICOM files of the CBCT Scan of your Patient, we process the data anonymously and create an STL File, ready to be 3D-printed in bone-alike resin.

Anatomical models have clear benefits in education and treatment information. For more than 20 years now, we are relying on this tool to inform our patients, educate our colleagues and prepare our surgeries. 

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DICOM files

Dental 3D Model

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Dental 3D Model

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Dental 3D Model



Please send the DICOM files at [email protected] using WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar services.

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Did you send the DICOM files at [email protected] using WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar services?
Dental 3D Model

No, the quality of a dental 3D model depends on the technology and materials used. Moreover, printing requires special tools and an expert team to calibrate the printers and the material composition. Our anatomical models are available in different densities to reach a closer reproduction of bone tissue.

We offer two types of models; white or transparent resin. Both of them serve the purpose of preparing in advance a complex rehabilitation. The white model represents better the properties of bone. The transparent resin offers a deeper view of the bone architecture and is used for patient information or education.

There is no doubt that zygomatic implant rehabilitation is one of the most complex dental procedures. Better preparation can reduce risks and offer more reliable knowledge about the patient. For instance, 3D models allow visualizing the 3D structure you will observe during surgery.

The anatomical 3D models strongly support Treatment presentation and understanding. Given the potential complexity of advanced dental treatments, 3D Models allow a faster, deeper understanding by each Patient.

We print dental 3D models every day. As soon as we receive your order and the DICOM files shared with [email protected], we historically need 7 working days to prepare the STL files, print the model, and ship it to your location. We thus recommend placing the order at least 10 days before the surgery.