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At ZAGA Centers, we believe that each patient is unique and deserves the best possible treatment. You probably do too. This is the reason why we provide you with a referral system to help your patients with severe maxillary atrophy needing a zygomatic implant full mouth rehabilitation.

How does it work?

We created a system to connect zygomatic implants referrals to certified experts. Hence, Referring a complex case to your favorite ZAGA Center will allow you to split the treatment as you prefer. Specifically, you will give the patient what they need and continue to follow them through their journey to a new and healthy smile.

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Option 1: Surgery, provisional and final prosthesis

The first proposal allows the ZAGA Referral to care for their patient from the first diagnosis. Then, the ZAGA Center Expert will take care of the operation and the placement of the provisional prosthesis. After 4-6 months, the final prosthesis will be fitted. In fact, the ZAGA Referral Center will resume care of the patient once the final prosthesis is in place. Consequently, the ZAGA Referral will offer proper maintenance, annual visits, and post-operative follow-up.

Dr. Aparicio with two participant during the hands-on with a 3D dental model.

Option 2: Surgery and provisional prosthesis

ZAGA Centers also offers to operate with zygomatic implants until the placing of the provisional prosthesis. For instance, it will allow the ZAGA Referral to take care of the definitive prosthesis from 4-6 months after the operation. The ZAGA Referral will elaborate and place the final prosthesis and will take of the maintenance, annual visits, and post-operative follow-up.

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Option 3: Request a surgeon at your location

The ZAGA Referral can also request a surgeon in their clinic to perform the surgery. This third solution will be the occasion for the ZAGA Referral to invite the Certified ZAGA expert to complete the surgery and the prosthetic in the clinic they prefer. Hence, the patient will not need to change the clinic. Of course, the ZAGA Referral will provide the maintenance, annual visits, and post-operative follow-up.

Why refer a Patient needing zygomatic implant rehabilitation?

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A solution when there is none

Helping people is the common objective; collaboration is the solution. We aim to work with you to give people who need complex surgeries a solution. Furthermore, we offer highly specialized certified expert surgeons who share the same philosophy. Again, providing the patient a personalized solution for their pain.

Dr. Aparicio with two participant during the hands-on with a 3D dental model.

Experts hands from the first day

In most complex surgeries, patients need to know that they will receive the best possible treatment. Equally important, they need to be comforted and guided through rehabilitation. So, sharing and learning with your favorite certified ZAGA Center will allow you to improve your patient's life by maintaining your identity inside a network of professionals.

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We ensure your Patients follow-up - with you

Splitting the care of treatment will allow you as a ZAGA Referral to give a double encouragement to those patients that thought they had no solution. Consequently, the complex patients will be treated by an expert in the zygomatic field and you both will share the opportunity to care for them the best way. Indeed, they will thank you for your changing their life, help, and they will come back for further caring.

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