ZAGA Social

ZAGA Social is a social responsibility initiative for patients and professionals created for ZAGA Center Headquarters to contribute to society’s well-being by offering grants.

ZAGA Social's Impact on Society

ZAGA Social is the ZAGA Centers’ project to contribute to society’s well-being through our core expertise: zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

ZAGA Social aims to offer treatment or learning opportunities to people who lack the necessary resources to access it.

ZAGA Social is funded through ZAGA Centers’ subscriptions and other non-recurring contributions (e.g., conferences). Also, has the collaboration and contribution of two key partners: Straumann Group and Certified ZAGA centers.

ZAGA Social has been created to bridge gaps and grow from our experienced background. This initiative has two programs: ZAGAaid and ZAGAlearn.

Two programs to help



The ZAGAaid program is designed to assist edentulous patients facing financial barriers to accessing zygomatic implant rehabilitation treatment. ZAGAaid strives to restore function, smiles, and, of course, quality of life.



The ZAGAlearn program is designed to offer scholarships to talented professionals aspiring to excel in the field of zygomatic implant rehabilitation through the ZAGA Concept.

ZAGAaid Applications

Doctor with a patient

Selecting and supporting a patient in the ZAGAaid program rests with each certified ZAGA Center.

The ZAGA Center will present the ZAGA Social Committee with the treatment plan and all the documentary evidence justifying the need for financial support for the patient. After a thorough evaluation, the ZAGA Social Committee will decide on the support based on clinical and financial needs.

If the ZAGAaid grant is awarded, the sponsoring ZAGA Center will perform the treatment free of charge. The ZAGA Center will receive the necessary surgical components (implants plus abutments) at no cost, plus a contribution of up to $2,000 towards the payment of a reinforced provisional prosthesis.

In its first year of operation, the ZAGAaid program is expected to award five zygomatic implant treatment grants. Applications will be reviewed continuously until the funding is exhausted. The committee’s resolutions are final and not appealable.

ZAGAlearn Applications

Selecting and supporting a professional in the ZAGAlearn program rests with each ZAGA’s Scientific Partner.

The applications for a ZAGA Course grant will be submitted through any of the ZAGA’s Scientific Partner universities.  The ZAGA Scientific Partner has to pre-evaluate the candidate before submitting, considering his/her level of compromise, knowledge, and financial conditions.

The ZAGAlearn program is expected to award two scholarships in its first year of operation. Applications will be reviewed twice per year. The committee’s resolutions are final and not appealable.

Zygomatic course with Dr. Aparicio
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