Dr Naruto Otawa


When you give up, that’s when the game is over. – Japanese saying

Dr. Naruto Otawa, D.D.S., Ph.D., stands at the forefront of zygomatic implant surgery as the leading surgeon at ALLON4 ZYGOMA CLINICZAGA Center Fukuoka. A remarkable journey through the halls of Kyushu University School of Dentistry to the esteemed position he holds today, Dr. Otawa’s career is a testament to his dedication to advancing oral surgery. After earning his degrees in dentistry and a Ph.D. with a thesis on “Development of 3D membrane for bone regeneration,” which garnered the Kyushu University President’s Award, he has continued to push the boundaries of dental surgery.

Dr. Otawa's Journey Towards Zygomatic Implants

In his tenure at the Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Oka Hospital, Dr. Otawa specialized in treating fractures of the mandible, maxilla, and zygomatic bones, paving his path towards specializing in zygomatic implants. His innovative spirit led to the invention of the “Facial Scanbody,” a groundbreaking technology that integrates 3D facial data for precise implant placement, a technique that has significantly advanced the field of dental implantology. His contribution was further recognized with the successful submission and acceptance of an IPC application.

Dr. Otawa’s commitment to education has made him a revered figure among dental professionals across Japan. Through live surgeries and workshops, he shares his knowledge and expertise on zygomatic implants, influencing the next generation of dental surgeons. With over 632 All-on-X cases and 1512 zygomatic implants to his name, Dr. Otawa’s experience and dedication to his craft not only highlight his remarkable career but also his pivotal role in advancing dental health and surgical techniques.

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