Meet Our Certified Zygomatic Implant Experts at ZAGA Center Tamworth

The ZAGA Network is honored to recognize two distinguished members of our global community of zygomatic implant specialists, Dr. Amit Mistry and Dr. Faresh Desai. Their exceptional expertise and dedication to patient care at ZAGA Center Tamworth set a benchmark for excellence in the field of zygomatic implants.

Dr. Faresh Desai has made remarkable contributions to dental surgery since his graduation from the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry in 2002. With specialized training that has led him to become a reference surgeon in Tamworth, Dr. Desai’s work is characterized by his patient-first approach and deep commitment to professional development. As a leading surgeon at Ascent Dental Care, Dr. Desai embodies the high standards of care and expertise that the ZAGA Network stands for.

Dr. Amit Mistry‘s impressive career began with his graduation from the University of Manchester in 2001, followed by extensive post-graduate training in dental implantology. As a senior oral surgeon and a mentor for Nobel Biocare, Dr. Mistry has mastered the treatment of complex cases with advanced surgical procedures. His commitment to education, both as a learner and a teacher, reinforces our network’s dedication to fostering growth and excellence in the field.

Philosophy and Mission at the ZAGA Center Tamworth

At the heart of the ZAGA Network is a commitment to ensuring that every certified expert, including Dr. Mistry and Dr. Desai, provides care that aligns with our core philosophy of prioritizing patient well-being and individualized treatment plans. This approach ensures the highest standards of care and patient satisfaction with zygomatic implant procedures across our global network, while also offering patients in Tamworth access to unparalleled expertise in their zygomatic implant treatments.

Zygomatic surgeon and clinical mentor at Ascent Dental Care

ZAGA Center Tamworth
Learn more about Dr. Desai here.

Leading zygomatic implant surgeon at Ascent Dental Care

ZAGA Center Tamworth
Learn more about Dr. Mistry here.

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