Zygomatic experts in Sao Paulo

Dr. André Sakima Serrano and Dr. Jan Peter Ilg are esteemed lecturers at the Live Zygomatic Training program at the ZAGA Center in Sao Paulo. Their lectures are instrumental in spreading the ZAGA Concept approach in zygomatic rehabilitation. Their expertise and roles as key lecturers enable them to effectively translate complex principles into practical applications for zygomatic rehabilitation, using real-life scenarios to enrich the learning experience.

As certified zygomatic experts by the international network of ZAGA Centers, both Dr. Serrano and Dr. Ilg have carved out distinguished careers in the field of dental implantology.

Dr. Serrano is celebrated for his pioneering surgical techniques and his dedication to academic research, which have significantly advanced the practice of zygomatic implantology. His approach is deeply rooted in a commitment to the highest standards of patient care and professional excellence. Dr. Ilg is recognized for his surgical precision and his innovative approach to treating advanced maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants. Their work not only sets new benchmarks in the field but also serves as a cornerstone for educational efforts, guiding the next generation of dental professionals.

Together, their contribution to the ZAGA Center’s Live Zygomatic Training program underscores a shared mission: to enhance the skill set of dental professionals through a deep understanding of the ZAGA Concept and its application in real-world settings, fostering a global community of knowledgeable and compassionate zygomatic surgeons. 

Learn about the latest edition of the Live Zygomatic Training here

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